16 May 2024

Chiorino Group acquires Ziligen

Chiorino S.p.A. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ziligen/Salt, a company based in Turkey with 70 employees and specialized in the production of conveyor belts and flat transmission belts.

Since 1967, the products and services provided by Ziligen are used in numerous sectors including agroindustry, marble/ceramics and raw materials, textiles, intralogistics, printing and cardboard.

Ziligen/Salt will continue to be run by the current management and Mr. Sirun Arhanyan is confirmed as president of the new organization. Being integrated within Chiorino Group, a new strengthening path begins for Ziligen/Salt, focused on a well-balanced and long-term development.

This acquisition confirms Chiorino's strategy to strengthen its growth route and being a reference company on the light-weight belting market as for the quality and breadth of the solutions offered, for the reliability, extensiveness and quickness of the services offered.

In particular, this operation enables Chiorino Group to expand and specialize its offering in terms of product range, to proactively manage and oversee some geographical areas of Eastern Europe and Asia, to organically complete its solutions and competencies in vertical industries and to strengthen its strategic positioning in the light-weight belting sector.

Chiorino Group and Ziligen/Salt begin a journey together, with the will and commitment to provide their customers with the best solutions, in full and total synergy.