Timing belts

Timing Belts for mechanical drives and conveying applications

Chiorino Timing Belts provide a simple, functional approach to solve your technical

problems for driving systems and conveying of goods.


Chiorino timing belts can be supplied with vulcanized or glued covers.The variety of material which can be used as a covering varies from application type. The coating can be used to reduce noise, modify friction or used as a conveying element.

Special ground finish and/or holes available upon request.

Product range

  • Polyurethane timing belts - Truly endless or open-end
    - Carcass in Kevlar or Steel cord
    - High power transmission capabilities
    - Maintenance free operation
    - Suitable for high temperature variation environments
  • Rubber timing belts
    - Fiberglass cord reinforcement for minimal elongation
    - High flexibility
    - Highly dynamic performance

  • Timing pulleys
    Chiorino offers standard and special pulleys which are produced on
    customer demand. The pulleys are made according to ISO specification
    and provide a complete drive solution.

    Click here for further information on pulleys.


Timing belts

Timing belts