10 május 2022

HP® AM AntiMicrobial food belts

Chiorino HP® Antimicrobial conveyor and process belts represent a breakthrough for food safety & hygiene. The HP® Antimicrobial belts combine the advanced antimicrobial bacteriostatic action with the premium features of the HP® line. The bacteriostatic action prevents bacteria build-up on the belt surface by breaking the cycle of biofilm creation. HP® Antimicrobial belts do not contain biocides (eg. metallic ions) that can migrate and contaminate the food. They fully comply with EU and international food regulations. HP® Antimicrobial belts prevent product recalls and minimize the risks on noncompliance during food safety inspections and audits by authorities.

  • Enhancing food safety & hygiene
  • No food contamination
  • Prevent product recalls
  • HP® Product System
  • Fully comply with EU and international food regulations