Chiorino wide range of conveyor and timing belts meets any requirements for a safe and hygienic packaging of any type of product. The Chiorino offer includes conveyor belts for check-weighers, vertical form-fill sealers, accumulation and inclined belts, packaging machines with thermo-retractable films, labelling machines, capping machines.



Food - DET™ line - Detectable products

Food - HP Compact Drive® Homogeneous belts

HP COMPACT MINI DRIVE Homogeneous Belts for Mini Pitch

Food - Bakery - HACCP Conveyor and process belts

Food - High Release belt 2M6 U0-U2 HR W

Packaging - Vertical form fill-seal - Food Grade Seamless belts

X-Weld™ Thermoweldable coverings

Timing belts

Packaging - Vertical form fill-seal - MF™ Seamless belts

Packaging - High friction thermoplastic conveyor belt 2M8 U0-U-G10TP LG



conveyor belts
Code Type Material Thickness [mm] Traction 1% [N/mm] Pdf
NA785EL2-U10 HP bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.002.00
NA790EL2-U10 HP WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.002.00
NA1089EL3-U15 HP PN bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.503.00
NA899EL4-U20 HP bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.004.00
NA9471M5 U0-U2 HP VL blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA9461M5 U0-U2 HP W S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA11911M5 U3-U3 HP FL/FM WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.405.00
NA8681M12 U0-U3 HP PN N SPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.508.00
NA10872M5 U0-U15 HP ST W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system3.505.00
NA7162M5 U0-U0 HP AFabric polyurethane (TPU) impregn. - HP® system1.006.00
NA10572M5 U0-U0 HP blue AFabric polyurethane (TPU) impregn. - HP® system1.006.00
NA8422M5 U0-U2 HP PN W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.606.00
NA5672M5 U0-U2 HP WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA7892M5 U0-U2 HP W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA9132M5 U0-U2 HP W S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA1366AHP Compact 15 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.505.00
NA1366F_D6HP Compact Minidrive 15/20 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.505.00
NA1481F_D6HP Compact Minidrive 15/20 A bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.5010.00
NA12351M5 U0-U2 HP D LF W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.905.00
NA9491M5 U0-U2 HP D W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA12342M5 U0-U2 HP D LF W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA11602M5 U0-U2 HP D W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA1669EL2-U10 HP blue AMPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.002.00
NA1688EL3-U15 HP blue AMPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.003.00
NA16671M5 U0-U2 HP blue A AMPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA16651M5 U0-U2 HP VL blue A AMPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA96EL2-U10 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.002.00
NA97EL3-U15 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.503.00
NA9591M5 U0-U2 APolyurethane (TPU)0.705.00
NA9451M5 U0-U2 W APolyurethane (TPU)0.705.00
NA7381M5 U0-U2 W A LF VLPolyurethane (TPU)0.705.00
NA991M6 U0-U5 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.006.00
NA10692M5 U0-U1 blue S APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA5492M5 U0-U1 W S APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA5812M5 U0-U2 APolyurethane (TPU)1.206.00
NA12312M5 U0-U2 LB APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA6962M5 U0-U2 LF W A Polyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA14642M5 U0-U2 N A XW-PPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA1702M5 U0-U2 W APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA12642M5 U0-U2 W A SPPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA3522M8 U0-U0Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA3632M8 U0-U0 GRFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA13472M8 U0-U0 GR SPFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA14992M8 U0-U0 GR XWFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA13442M8 U0-U0 SPFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA1602T8 U0-0Polyester (PET) fabric1.308.00
NA12892M12 U0-U2 SPPolyurethane (TPU)1.508.00
NA3362M8 U0-U2Polyurethane (TPU)1.408.00
NA8012M12 U0-U3 R W APolyurethane (TPU)1.7012.00
NA12532M12 U0-U5 TRPolyurethane (TPU)2.0012.00
NA4362M12 U0-V-U5Polyurethane (TPU)2.0012.00
NA13462M12 U0-V-U5 SPPolyurethane (TPU)2.1012.00
NA10102M12 U0-U15 LT W APolyurethane (TPU)6.0012.00
NA5383M8 U0-U3Polyurethane (TPU)2.2010.00
NA1379EL4-U20 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)2.004.00
NA1323EL6-U30 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)3.006.00
NA15581M5 U0-U2 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)0.805.00
NA15652M5 U0-U0 blue DETFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.005.00
NA15642M5 U0-U15 ST blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)3.505.00
NA15262M12 U0-U15 LT blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)6.0012.00
NA1461F_D6Compact Minidrive 15/20 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)1.505.00
NA1482F_D6Compact Minidrive 15/20 A blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)1.5010.00
NA1177PT1.4 EL G3-G3 FLSynthetic elastomer1.402.50
NA1176PT1.4 EL G3-G3 SKSynthetic elastomer1.402.50
NA1472PT1.0 0-G2Synthetic elastomer1.006.00
NA1230PT1.2 0-G2 FLSynthetic elastomer1.206.00
NA1120PT1.5 0-G3 FLSynthetic elastomer1.506.00
NA251M6 U0-V5PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)1.006.00
NA441M6 U0-V5 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.006.00
NA261M6 V5-V5PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)1.806.00
NA492MT5 U0-V3 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.806.00
NA12832MT5 U0-V5 RT NPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.106.00
NA912M8 U0-V-U0Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.508.00
NA302M8 U0-V5 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.008.00
NA312M8 U0-V5 FMPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.108.00
NA1892M8 U0-V5 FM NPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.108.00
NA9422M8 U0-V5 PS GRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)2.208.00
NA2202M8 U0-V5 RT GRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)2.208.00
NA322M8 U0-V17 GPPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.208.00
NA5822M10 U0-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.8010.00
NA3942M12 U0-V-U0 GRFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.7012.00
NA2182M12 U0-V3PVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.9012.00
NA462M12 U0-V3 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.9012.00
NA4012M12 U0-V7 LGPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.4012.00
NA332M12 U0-V8 RTPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.3012.00
NA342M12 U0-V10 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.5012.00
NA482M12 U0-V10 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.9012.00
NA2582M12 U0-V10 RTPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.6012.00
NA362M12 V5-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)3.0012.00
NA402T12 U0-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.5012.00
NA142M12 U0-V15 CL WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA2422M12 U0-V15 GPL NPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)3.8012.00
NA122M12 U0-V15 ST WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)3.6012.00
NA352M12 U0-V20 GPPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA192T12 U0-V20 GP WPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA763M18 U0-V15 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA1483M18 U0-V15 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA423T18 U0-V15PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA223T18 U0-V15 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA8671M12 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)1.808.00
NA15411M12 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)1.8012.00
NA14672M5 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)1.805.00
NA9342M5 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)1.906.00
NA12102T12 U0-V10 FM FRPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.3012.00
NA14652T12 U0-V10 FM FRPVC 75 Sh.A (±5)2.3012.00
NA9982M8 U0-U-G10TP LGThermoplastic elastomer2.808.00
NA1182M8 U0-U-G10 FHNatural elastomer2.308.00
NA1212M12 U0-G25 GPNatural elastomer5.5012.00
NA11332M8 U0-U-G5 HS FLSynthetic elastomer2.008.00
NA11342M8 U0-U-G15 HS FLSynthetic elastomer3.008.00
NA11352T12 U0-U-G10 HS FHSynthetic elastomer2.2012.00
NA11362T12 U0-G25 HS GPSynthetic elastomer5.5012.00
NA1632T12 U0-U-G15 MFNatural elastomer2.8012.00
CG3P0Synthetic elastomer0.902.00
CG218P1-LSynthetic elastomer (NBR)1.252.00
CG172PR0-LFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 0.902.00
NA133NFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 0.602.00
NA1139NT2 HSSynthetic elastomer2.003.50
NA135N8Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.003.00
NA1404NT1 HS LSynthetic elastomer1.003.00
NA1138NT1 HSSynthetic elastomer1.203.00
NA1140NT3 HSSynthetic elastomer3.006.00
NA1261M6 U0-S0Fabric with silicone impregnation0.606.00
NA1272M8 U0-U-S0Fabric with silicone impregnation1.308.00
NA1292MT8 S0-S0Fabric with silicone impregnation1.208.00
NA1302MT8 S0-S2Silicone1.308.00
NA225SILON 25 HCNon-woven polyester (PET)2.5010.00
NA224SILON 25 WNon-woven polyester (PET)2.5010.00
NA305SILON 40 HCNon-woven polyester (PET)4.0010.00
NA222SILON 60 HCNon-woven polyester (PET)5.5010.00
NA223SILON 60 NANon-woven polyester (PET)5.5010.00
Power transmission belts
Type Material Thickness [mm] Traction Pdf
P0Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 0.902.0
PR0Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.003.0
P1Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.405.0
P2Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 2.107.5
Round belts
Type Material Diameter [mm] Traction Pdf
RU-3 HP blueThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) - HP® system318
RU-4 HP blueThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) - HP® system426
RU-4 R HP blueThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) - HP® system422
RU-5 HP blueThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) - HP® system542
RU-6 HP blueThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) - HP® system660
RU-6 R HP blueThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) - HP® system660
RU-8 HP blueThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) - HP® system8110
RU-10 HP blueThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) - HP® system10150
RU-2Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)28
RU-3Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)318
RU-3 blue DETThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)318
RU-4Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)430
RU-4 blue DETThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)430
RU-5Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)550
RU-5 blue DETThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)550
RU-5 R blue DETThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)550
RU-6Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)670
RU-6 blue DETThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)670
RU-7Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)7100
RU-8Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)8130
RU-8 blue DETThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)8130
RU-8 R blue DETThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)8130
RU-9Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)9160
RU-10Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)10200
RU-12Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)12280
RU-15Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)15440
Elastomer and silicone sheeting
Type Material Color Hardness [Sh.A] Pdf
X-W 60 GP NRNatural elastomer (NR)/thermoplastic compoundPurple red40
X-W 60 GP SRSynthetic elastomer (NBR)/thermoplastic compoundPurple red45
X-W 70 FL NRNatural elastomer (NR)/thermoplastic compoundPurple red40
Seamless rubber belts
Type Material Color Thickness from [mm] Thickness to [mm] Hardness [Sh.A] Pdf
MF R-052Natural elastomerPurple red5.01545
MF R-053Natural elastomerPurple red6.01045
MF B-300Natural elastomerBeige6.0850
MF B-300Natural elastomerBeige8.11050
MF B-300Natural elastomerBeige10.11250
MF D-SIL blue Food GradeSiliconeBlue5.01035