Chiorino produces conveyor and transmission belts for the handling of all types of material in warehouses and mail distribution centres, providing the manufacturers of handling systems full technical assistance from the project design. Chiorino conveyor belts satisfy the increasingly growing demand for safe and reliable high speed sorting systems ensuring quality, high performance and low energy consumption.



Power transmission belts - T Series

Airports, materials handling, postal automation - Conveyor and process belts


conveyor belts
Code Type Material Thickness [mm] Traction 1% [N/mm] Pdf
NA785EL2-U10 HP bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.002.00
NA1669EL2-U10 HP blue AMPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.002.00
NA1688EL3-U15 HP blue AMPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.003.00
NA96EL2-U10 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.002.00
NA97EL3-U15 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.503.00
NA405EL4-U20 FHPolyurethane (TPU)2.304.00
NA1001M6 U3-U3 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.206.00
NA991M6 U0-U5 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.006.00
NA1011M6 U5-U5 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.606.00
NA5812M5 U0-U2 APolyurethane (TPU)1.206.00
NA14642M5 U0-U2 N A XW-PPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA12892M12 U0-U2 SPPolyurethane (TPU)1.508.00
NA8032M12 U0-U3 R APolyurethane (TPU)1.7012.00
NA8022M12 U0-U3 R N APolyurethane (TPU)1.7012.00
NA4362M12 U0-V-U5Polyurethane (TPU)2.0012.00
NA13462M12 U0-V-U5 SPPolyurethane (TPU)2.1012.00
NA13343M18 U0-V-U10 SPPolyurethane (TPU)3.7018.00
NA1177PT1.4 EL G3-G3 FLSynthetic elastomer1.402.50
NA1176PT1.4 EL G3-G3 SKSynthetic elastomer1.402.50
NA1178PT1.4 G3-G3Synthetic elastomer1.406.00
NA492MT5 U0-V3 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.806.00
NA12832MT5 U0-V5 RT NPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.106.00
NA302M8 U0-V5 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.008.00
NA322M8 U0-V17 GPPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.208.00
NA5822M10 U0-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.8010.00
NA3942M12 U0-V-U0 GRFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.7012.00
NA1492T12 U0-V0Fabric with PVC impregnation2.5012.00
NA2182M12 U0-V3PVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.9012.00
NA462M12 U0-V3 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.9012.00
NA4012M12 U0-V7 LGPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.4012.00
NA332M12 U0-V8 RTPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.3012.00
NA342M12 U0-V10 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.5012.00
NA482M12 U0-V10 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.9012.00
NA2582M12 U0-V10 RTPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.6012.00
NA402T12 U0-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.5012.00
NA2422M12 U0-V15 GPL NPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)3.8012.00
NA352M12 U0-V20 GPPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA733T18 U0-V0Fabric with PVC impregnation3.7018.00
NA763M18 U0-V15 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA423T18 U0-V15PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA8671M12 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)1.808.00
NA15411M12 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)1.8012.00
NA14672M5 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)1.805.00
NA9342M5 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)1.906.00
NA7952M12 U0-V-U0 FRFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 2.5012.00
NA15332M12 U0-V-U0 FR Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 2.5012.00
NA10702M12 U0-V5 FRPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.2012.00
NA14662M12 U0-V5 FRPVC 80 Sh.A (±5)2.2012.00
NA9032M12 U0-V7 LG FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)3.0012.00
NA15222M12 U0-V7 LG FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.7012.00
NA602M12 U0-V10 RT FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.7012.00
NA15572M12 U0-V10 RT FRPVC 60 Sh.A (±5)2.7012.00
NA12102T12 U0-V10 FM FRPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.3012.00
NA14652T12 U0-V10 FM FRPVC 75 Sh.A (±5)2.3012.00
NA622M12 U0-V20 FB FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)4.6012.00
NA15562M12 U0-V20 FB FRPVC 60 Sh.A (±5)4.6012.00
NA612M12 U0-V20 GP FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA15552M12 U0-V20 GP FRPVC 60 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA5202M12 U0-V30 RL FRPVC 35 Sh.A (±5)8.5012.00
NA9982M8 U0-U-G10TP LGThermoplastic elastomer2.808.00
NA305SILON 40 HCNon-woven polyester (PET)4.0010.00
NA222SILON 60 HCNon-woven polyester (PET)5.5010.00
NA223SILON 60 NANon-woven polyester (PET)5.5010.00
Power transmission belts
Type Material Thickness [mm] Traction Pdf
T60/30ASynthetic elastomer3.0060.0
T25/20ESynthetic elastomer2.0015.0
T25/25ESynthetic elastomer2.5015.0
T40/25ESynthetic elastomer2.5019.0
T40/26E-OECarboxylic elastomer (XNBR)2.6019.0
T40/30ESynthetic elastomer3.0019.0
T55/30ESynthetic elastomer3.0024.0
T0 HSSynthetic elastomer1.402.0
T1 HSSynthetic elastomer1.505.0
T1R HSSynthetic elastomer2.105.0
T2 HSSynthetic elastomer2.358.0
T3 HSSynthetic elastomer2.6011.0
T2R HSSynthetic elastomer3.008.0
T4 HSSynthetic elastomer3.1012.5
T3R HSSynthetic elastomer3.2011.0
T6 HSSynthetic elastomer3.5018.0
T4R HSSynthetic elastomer3.9012.5
DG-E 10/30 HSSynthetic elastomer3.0015.0
DG-E 10/40 HSSynthetic elastomer4.0015.0
DG-E 10/50 HSSynthetic elastomer5.0015.0
DG-E 10/60 HSSynthetic elastomer6.0015.0