Food compliant folder gluer belts

The DU™ polyurethane folder gluer belts are specifically designed for aseptic packagings for food and pharmaceutical use.
  • EU and FDA Food compliant
  • Available both with Polyester and Polyamide traction core
  • Less packaging waste
  • Long service life
Courroies de transmission
Type Matière Èpaisseur tot.
Traction 1%
DU1/30 WPolyuréthane (TPU)3.005.0
DU1/40 WPolyuréthane (TPU)4.005.0
DU-E 10/30 WPolyuréthane (TPU)3.0015.0
DU-E 10/40 WPolyuréthane (TPU)4.0015.0

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