High release food belt
2M6 U0-U2 HR W

The matt surface resulting from the special Chiorino micro-PN texture assures excellent release properties of any sticky product as dough, pastry or...

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Winning solution for total Cleanability and Food Safety!

A codesigned solution featuring HP COMPACT DRIVE® belts and MCTM EASY CLEAN FOOD™ conveyors, resulting in total food safety,...

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Glossy Surface food belt
2M6 U0-U2 GS W

The glossy surface offers an optimum balance between adhesive properties and release capabilities, resulting in a precise product positioning and...

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MINI POSITIVE DRIVE® for transfer accuracy of confectionery goods

Do you need to transfer small products, keeping a precise and consistent running of your positive drive conveyor? Chiorino HP COMPACT...

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Great success of Chiorino Detectable and Minidrive belts at Interpack!

A successful participation for Chiorino at the Interpack trade show in Düsseldorf, 4-10 May 2017. Plenty of OEM vere equipped with the...

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Plus 300% detectability with Chiorino DET™ range

Chiorino DET™ is a full range of food grade metal detectable products. The exclusive DET™ TPU belt is recognized in very small...

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The ultimate solution for Mini Pitch: HP COMPACT MINI DRIVE®

HP COMPACT MINI DRIVE® is the ultimate solution for food positive drive belts featuring a reduced teeth pitch. Ideal for running on small...

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During food processing, allergenic or contaminants elements might be present. It is therefore vital to reach a superior level of sanitization in...

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