IFFA, Frankfurt, Germany
04-05-2013 :: 09-05-2013

IFFA, Frankfurt, Germany

Great success of the HP® Chiorino belts at the IFFA.

During the exhibition Chiorino has displayed to OEM and End Users all its strengths for the Meat, Poultry and Seafood industry:
● "We Care" : it summarizes CHIORINO’s care for the health of the consumer, guaranteed through strict observance to food standards and by offering products that ensure absolute hygiene, totally supporting the HACCP concept.

"$ave time, water, energy with HP® Product System" : this slogan confirms that HP® belts are today’s leader in terms of hygiene and ease of cleaning. This is proven by the great usage of HP® products on equipment displayed at the fair. 

OEM leaders choose Chiorino belts. Many leading manufacturers displayed high precision equipment with HP® belts, especially in the cutting and packaging phases. 

The unprecedented success of this fair was due to the quality of the products and the established trust with the leading OEMs of this market, especially with our CHIORINO DEUTSCHLAND.
Thanks to the excellent resistance to hydrolysis, HP® belts do not undergo deterioration due to the “Clean-in-Place” washing and sanitization processes with warm water, steam, foam and aggressive detergents. The User can benefit of belt’s long service life and significant costs reduction.
Moreover, compared to modular belts, HP® belts offer:
  • considerable water, time and energy saving
  • higher hygiene levels since all food scraps can be easily removed during cleaning and sanitization phases.