Carton box folder-gluers

Feeding and folding belts for carton box folder-gluers
Chiorino feeding and folding belts meet the increasingly growing demand for high speed folding-gluing of light, corrugated carton and other synthetic materials with any type of finishing (special inks, varnishing etc.).
The Chiorino offer includes folder-gluer feeding belts, folding belts, compression and outfeed belts.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, printing inks, oils and chemicals.
  • They do not mark paper.
  • High flexibility and dimensional stability 
  • Maximum paper feeding precision
  • Optimal conveying of any type of paper
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Long service life
Fast Joint
Chiorino PT® thermoplastic belts can be joined on site in a few minutes using Chiorino Fast Joint equipment:
  • no use of cements
  • minimum machine downtime.
Conveyor belts
Code Type Material Thickness [mm] Traction 1% [N/mm] Pdf
NA-312M8 U0-V5 FMPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.108.00
NA-2182M12 U0-V3PVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.9012.00
NA-362M12 V5-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)3.0012.00
CG-215DG1/45 MFNatural elastomer4.505.00
CG-216DG2/60 MFNatural elastomer6.507.50
NA-1140NT3 HSSynthetic elastomer3.006.00
NA-1141NT4 HSSynthetic elastomer4.006.00