Chiorino HP® and HP COMPACT™ belts are the leading products for the food industry in terms of hygiene safety, performance and service life.
Conveyor belts
Code Type Material Thickness [mm] Traction 1% [N/mm] Pdf
NA-785EL2-U10 HP bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.002.00
NA-790EL2-U10 HP WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.002.00
NA-899EL4-U20 HP bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.004.00
NA-9471M5 U0-U2 HP VL blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-9481M5 U0-U2 HP W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-9461M5 U0-U2 HP W S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-10521M5 U0-U2 HP blue S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-14111M5 U0-U2 HP WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-12121M5 U0-U2 HP VL bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-9831T6 U0-U2 HP W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.806.00
NA-14102M5 U0-U2 HP VL bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.305.00
NA-7892M5 U0-U2 HP W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-7862M5 U0-U2 HP VL blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-9132M5 U0-U2 HP W S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-8512M5 U2-U2 HP VL blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.506.00
NA-10542M5 U0-U2 HP blue S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-5672M5 U0-U2 HP WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-10672M5 U0-U2 HP blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-11302M5 U0-U8 HP CC bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.906.00
NA-9922T12 U0-U2 HP VL W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.6012.00
NA-1359C_D13HP Compact Drive 20/40 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.008.00
NA-1359AHP Compact 20 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.008.00
NA-1207AHP Compact 25 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1328AHP Compact 25 RG bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1294AHP Compact 25 PN bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1328C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 RG bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1207C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1294C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 PN bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1257C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 VL bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1328A_RGHP Compact RG 25 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1257AHP Compact 25 VL bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1460C_D13Compact Drive 25/40 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)2.508.00
NA-1307AHP Compact 40 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system4.0015.00
NA-1307C_D13HP Compact Drive 40/40 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system4.0015.00
NA-1379EL4-U20 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)2.004.00
NA-1323EL6-U30 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)3.006.00
NA-14471T6 U0-U2 W A XW-PPolyurethane (TPU)0.806.00
NA-14742MT5 U0-U2 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)1.405.00
NA-14482M5 U0-U2 W A XW-PPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-14262M5 U0-U2 blue A XW-PPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-13252MT12 U0-U3 FD2.3Polyurethane (TPU)2.3012.00
NA-13332T12 U0-U3 FD2.5Polyurethane (TPU)2.5012.00
NA-13322T12 V5-U3 FD2.8Polyurethane (TPU)2.8012.00