Membranes for the lamination of photovoltaic panels 
Chiorino membranes, essential components in the lamination process of photovoltaic panels, offer resistance to chemical agents and high temperatures.
Combining the study of new materials and advanced production technologies, Chiorino R&D laboratories are able to provide customized solutions according to Customer’s needs.
  • Excellent resistance to chemical agents (ozone)
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • High flexibility, maintained over time
  • Total dimensional stability
Conveyor belts
Code Type Material Thickness [mm] Traction 1% [N/mm] Pdf
NA-785EL2-U10 HP bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.002.00
NA-790EL2-U10 HP WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.002.00
NA-1089EL3-U15 HP PN bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.503.00
NA-899EL4-U20 HP bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.004.00
NA-9471M5 U0-U2 HP VL blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-9481M5 U0-U2 HP W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-9461M5 U0-U2 HP W S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-10521M5 U0-U2 HP blue S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-14111M5 U0-U2 HP WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-12121M5 U0-U2 HP VL bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-11911M5 U3-U3 HP FL/FM WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.405.00
NA-9831T6 U0-U2 HP W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.806.00
NA-8681M12 U0-U3 HP PN N SPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.508.00
NA-14102M5 U0-U2 HP VL bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.305.00
NA-10872M5 U0-U15 HP ST W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system3.505.00
NA-7162M5 U0-U0 HP AFabric polyurethane (TPU) impregn. - HP® system1.006.00
NA-10412MT6 U0-0 HPCotton fabric1.506.00
NA-12152MT6 U0-0 HP E/CCotton-PET1.506.00
NA-7892M5 U0-U2 HP W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-8422M5 U0-U2 HP PN W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.606.00
NA-7862M5 U0-U2 HP VL blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-8112M5 U0-U2 HP PN blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.606.00
NA-9132M5 U0-U2 HP W S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-8512M5 U2-U2 HP VL blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.506.00
NA-10542M5 U0-U2 HP blue S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-5672M5 U0-U2 HP WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-10672M5 U0-U2 HP blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-11932M5 U0-U7 HP LG blue S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.806.00
NA-11302M5 U0-U8 HP CC bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.906.00
NA-13242M5 U0-U8 HP STL bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.906.00
NA-9922T12 U0-U2 HP VL W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.6012.00
NA-12082T12 U3-U3 HP VL blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.9012.00
NA-13942M12 U0-U15 HP LT blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system6.0012.00
NA-10203M8 U0-U5 HP W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.3010.00
NA-10833M8 U0-U5 HP blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.3010.00
NA-1366F_D6HP Compact Minidrive 15/20 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.505.00
NA-1366AHP Compact 15 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.505.00
NA-1461F_D6Compact Minidrive 15/20 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)1.505.00
NA-1359C_D13HP Compact Drive 20/40 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.008.00
NA-1359AHP Compact 20 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.008.00
NA-1207AHP Compact 25 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1328AHP Compact 25 RG bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1294AHP Compact 25 PN bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1328C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 RG bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1207C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1294C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 PN bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1257C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 VL bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1328A_RGHP Compact RG 25 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1257AHP Compact 25 VL bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.508.00
NA-1460C_D13Compact Drive 25/40 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)2.508.00
NA-1482F_D6Compact Minidrive 15/20 A blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)1.5010.00
NA-1481F_D6HP Compact Minidrive 15/20 A blue Polyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.5010.00
NA-1307AHP Compact 40 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system4.0015.00
NA-1307C_D13HP Compact Drive 40/40 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system4.0015.00
NA-9491M5 U0-U2 HP D W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-12351M5 U0-U2 HP D LF W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.905.00
NA-11602M5 U0-U2 HP D W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-12342M5 U0-U2 HP D LF W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-96EL2-U10 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.002.00
NA-97EL3-U15 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.503.00
NA-405EL4-U20 FHPolyurethane (TPU)2.304.00
NA-1379EL4-U20 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)2.004.00
NA-1323EL6-U30 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)3.006.00
NA-1150ST06Polyurethane (TPU)0.604.00
NA-7381M5 U0-U2 W A LF VLPolyurethane (TPU)0.705.00
NA-9451M5 U0-U2 W APolyurethane (TPU)0.705.00
NA-9651M5 U0-U2 PN yellowPolyurethane (TPU)1.105.00
NA-9591M5 U0-U2 APolyurethane (TPU)0.705.00
NA-14471T6 U0-U2 W A XW-PPolyurethane (TPU)0.806.00
NA-1001M6 U3-U3 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.206.00
NA-991M6 U0-U5 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.006.00
NA-1011M6 U5-U5 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.606.00
NA-1621T8 U0-U2 HF WPolyurethane (TPU)1.108.00
NA-13732M5 U0-U2 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)1.305.00
NA-14272M5 U0-U2 PN blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)1.605.00
NA-14742MT5 U0-U2 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)1.405.00
NA-5492M5 U0-U1 W S APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-10692M5 U0-U1 blue S APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-6962M5 U0-U2 LF W A Polyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-5812M5 U0-U2 APolyurethane (TPU)1.206.00
NA-1702M5 U0-U2 W APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-10302MT5 U0-U2 N FDAPolyurethane (TPU)1.806.00
NA-12312M5 U0-U2 LB APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-12642M5 U0-U2 W A SPPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-12902M6 U0-U2 GS WPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-14052M6 U0-U2 HR WPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-14512M6 U0-U2 GS DBPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-14522M6 U0-U2 HR DBPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-14482M5 U0-U2 W A XW-PPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-14262M5 U0-U2 blue A XW-PPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-14642M5 U0-U2 N A XW-PPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-1602T8 U0-0Polyester (PET) fabric1.308.00
NA-3522M8 U0-U0Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA-3632M8 U0-U0 GRFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA-13442M8 U0-U0 SPFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA-13472M8 U0-U0 GR SPFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA-4292M8 U0-U2 N HCPolyurethane (TPU)1.608.00
NA-3362M8 U0-U2Polyurethane (TPU)1.408.00
NA-12892M12 U0-U2 SPPolyurethane (TPU)1.508.00
NA-12552M10 U0-U2 N HC SPPolyurethane (TPU)1.2010.00
NA-13742T12 U0-U2 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)1.6012.00
NA-12332M12 U0-U2 W A SPPolyurethane (TPU)1.5012.00
NA-13352T12 U0-U2 W SPPolyurethane (TPU)1.6012.00
NA-8032M12 U0-U3 R APolyurethane (TPU)1.7012.00
NA-8012M12 U0-U3 R W APolyurethane (TPU)1.7012.00
NA-8022M12 U0-U3 R N APolyurethane (TPU)1.7012.00
NA-4362M12 U0-V-U5Polyurethane (TPU)2.0012.00
NA-12532M12 U0-U5 TRPolyurethane (TPU)2.0012.00
NA-13462M12 U0-V-U5 SPPolyurethane (TPU)2.1012.00
NA-2412M12 V5-V-U10 WPolyurethane (TPU)3.5012.00
NA-8872M12 U0-U10 W APolyurethane (TPU)2.4012.00
NA-10102M12 U0-U15 LT W APolyurethane (TPU)6.0012.00
NA-11282M12 U0-U17Polyurethane (TPU)3.4012.00
NA-14063M8 U0-U5 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)2.308.00
NA-5383M8 U0-U3Polyurethane (TPU)2.2010.00
NA-11753M18 U0-V-U30 bluePolyurethane (TPU)6.0015.00
NA-4373M18 U0-V-U10Polyurethane (TPU)3.7018.00
NA-13343M18 U0-V-U10 SPPolyurethane (TPU)3.7018.00
NA-13252MT12 U0-U3 FD2.3Polyurethane (TPU)2.3012.00
NA-13332T12 U0-U3 FD2.5Polyurethane (TPU)2.5012.00
NA-13322T12 V5-U3 FD2.8Polyurethane (TPU)2.8012.00
NA-1386PB-215Polyurethane (TPU)2.1515.00
NA-1390PB-265Polyurethane (TPU)2.6515.00
NA-1392PB-265 SPPolyurethane (TPU)2.6515.00
NA-1176PT1.4 EL G3-G3 SKSynthetic elastomer1.402.50
NA-1177PT1.4 EL G3-G3 FLSynthetic elastomer1.402.50
NA-1111PT1.0 U1-U3Polyurethane (TPU)1.005.00
NA-1034PT1.0 0-U4Polyurethane (TPU)1.005.00
NA-1029PT1.2 U2-U5Polyurethane (TPU)1.205.00
NA-1178PT1.4 G3-G3Synthetic elastomer1.406.00
CG-187PT0.9 0-0Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 0.905.00
CG-197PT0.9 0-0 NFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 0.905.00
NA-1110PT1.2 0-U2Polyurethane (TPU)1.206.00
NA-1120PT1.5 0-G3 FLSynthetic elastomer1.506.00
NA-1024PT1.8 G1-0Polyamide (PA) fabric1.809.00
NA-1151PT1.8 0-0Polyamide (PA) fabric1.809.00
NA-5091M6 U0-V3 N APVC 70 Sh.A (±5)0.856.00
NA-251M6 U0-V5PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)1.006.00
NA-11M6 U0-V5 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)1.006.00
NA-441M6 U0-V5 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.006.00
NA-261M6 V5-V5PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)1.806.00
NA-8691M6 U0-V5 SM NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.006.00
NA-4911M6 U0-V5 FM NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.106.00
NA-9041M12 U0-V5 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.808.00
NA-9541M12 U0-V5 FH NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.008.00
NA-9611M12 U0-V5 SM NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.108.00
NA-2812T5 0-V-0Polyester (PET) fabric1.605.00
NA-492MT5 U0-V3 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.806.00
NA-6062MT5 U0-V3 SM NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.806.00
NA-6502MT5 U0-V3 FH NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.106.00
NA-12832MT5 U0-V5 RT NPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)1.906.00
NA-912M8 U0-V-U0Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.508.00
NA-162T8 U0-V-0Polyester (PET) fabric1.408.00
NA-302M8 U0-V5 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.008.00
NA-312M8 U0-V5 FMPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.108.00
NA-42M8 U0-V5 PN WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.208.00
NA-32M8 U0-V5 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.008.00
NA-1892M8 U0-V5 FM NPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.108.00
NA-52M8 V5-V5 W PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.508.00
NA-8562M8 U0-V5 bluePVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.008.00
NA-9252M8 V5-V5 bluePVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.508.00
NA-9422M8 U0-V5 PS GRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)2.308.00
NA-2202M8 U0-V5 RT GRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)2.208.00
NA-322M8 U0-V17 GPPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.208.00
NA-5822M10 U0-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.8010.00
NA-6092M10 U0-V10 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.8010.00
NA-9242M10 U0-V10 bluePVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.8010.00
NA-3942M12 U0-V-U0 GRFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.7012.00
NA-1492T12 U0-V0Fabric with PVC impregnation2.5012.00
NA-2182M12 U0-V3PVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.9012.00
NA-462M12 U0-V3 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.9012.00
NA-4012M12 U0-V7 LGPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.4012.00
NA-332M12 U0-V8 RTPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.3012.00
NA-342M12 U0-V10 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.5012.00
NA-92M12 U0-V10 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.5012.00
NA-482M12 U0-V10 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.9012.00
NA-402T12 U0-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.5012.00
NA-182T12 U0-V10 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.5012.00
NA-362M12 V5-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)3.0012.00
NA-202T12 V5-V10 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)3.0012.00
NA-9552T12 V5-V10 bluePVC 65 Sh.A (±5)3.1012.00
NA-2582M12 U0-V10 RTPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.6012.00
NA-652M12 V5-V10 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)3.1012.00
NA-142M12 U0-V15 CL WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA-112M12 U0-V15 FB WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.1012.00
NA-2422M12 U0-V15 GPL NPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)3.8012.00
NA-122M12 U0-V15 ST WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)3.6012.00
NA-2022M12 U0-V15 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)3.0012.00
NA-352M12 U0-V20 GPPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA-192T12 U0-V20 GP WPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA-212T20 V10-V10 W APVC 55 Sh.A (±5)4.5020.00
NA-372M20 U0-V25 RTPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)5.0020.00
NA-733T18 U0-V0Fabric with PVC impregnation3.7018.00
NA-763M18 U0-V15 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA-1483M18 U0-V15 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA-423T18 U0-V15PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA-223T18 U0-V15 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA-3883T18 V10-V20 WPVC 55 Sh.A (±5)6.7018.00
NA-233T30 V10-V10 WPVC 55 Sh.A (±5)6.3030.00
NA-393M30 U0-V25 RTPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)6.6030.00
NA-8671M12 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)1.808.00
NA-9342M5 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)1.906.00
NA-7952M12 U0-V-U0 FR Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 2.5012.00
NA-10702M12 U0-V5 FRPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.2012.00
NA-9032M12 U0-V7 LG FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.7012.00
NA-602M12 U0-V10 RT FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.7012.00
NA-12102T12 U0-V10 FM FRPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.3012.00
NA-622M12 U0-V20 FB FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)4.6012.00
NA-612M12 U0-V20 GP FRPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA-5202M12 U0-V30 RL FRPVC 35 Sh.A (±5)8.5012.00
NA-8342M8 U0-V5 AGRPVC 60 Sh.A (±5)2.008.00
NA-8492M12 U0-V10 AGRPVC 60 Sh.A (±5)2.5012.00
NA-9402M12 V5-V10 AGRPVC 60 Sh.A (±5)3.1012.00
NA-8152T12 V5-V10 AGRPVC 60 Sh.A (±5)3.1012.00
NA-7312M12 V5-V10 AGR NPVC 60 Sh.A (±5)3.0012.00
NA-8142T12 V10-V12 AGRPVC 60 Sh.A (±5)4.0012.00
NA-9103M15 V5-V10 AGRPVC 60 Sh.A (±5)4.1015.00
NA-8133M15 U0-V15 AGRPVC 60 Sh.A (±5)4.1018.00
CG-181DG2/70 HS GP blueSynthetic elastomer6.407.50
NA-11332M8 U0-U-G5 HS FLSynthetic elastomer2.008.00
NA-9982M8 U0-U-G10TP LGThermoplastic elastomer2.808.00
NA-1182M8 U0-U-G10 FHNatural elastomer2.308.00
NA-11342M8 U0-U-G15 HS FLSynthetic elastomer3.008.00
NA-10622M12 0-G-0 RPolyester (PET)2.0010.00
NA-11352T12 U0-U-G10 HS FHSynthetic elastomer2.2012.00
NA-11362T12 U0-G25 HS GPSynthetic elastomer5.5012.00
NA-1212M12 U0-G25 GPNatural elastomer5.5012.00
NA-11372T12 U0-G35 HS GPSynthetic elastomer6.5012.00
NA-14323M8 U0-U-G10 HS FLSynthetic elastomer3.5010.00
NA-9223M12 0-G-0Polyester (PET)2.8015.00
CG-215DG1/45 MFNatural elastomer4.505.00
CG-216DG2/60 MFNatural elastomer6.507.50
NA-1632T12 U0-U-G15 MFNatural elastomer2.8012.00
NA-245NT5 MFNatural elastomer5.006.00
NA-14183M18 U0-U-G40 R MFNatural elastomer5.7018.00
NA-9663M18 U0-U-G60 MFNatural elastomer7.3018.00
CG-172PR0-LFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 0.902.00
CG-218P1-LFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.252.00
NA-145CNPGSynthetic elastomer1.002.00
NA-133NFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 0.602.00
NA-140CNGSynthetic elastomer0.702.00
NA-1139NT2 HSSynthetic elastomer2.003.50
NA-135N8Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.003.00
NA-1138NT1 HSSynthetic elastomer1.203.00
NA-1140NT3 HSSynthetic elastomer3.006.00
NA-1141NT4 HSSynthetic elastomer4.006.00
NA-1261M6 U0-S0Fabric with silicone impregnation0.606.00
NA-11022M5 U0-U-S2 WSilicone1.306.00
NA-12882M5 U0-U-S2 blueSilicone1.306.00
NA-1272M8 U0-U-S0Fabric with silicone impregnation1.308.00
NA-1292MT8 S0-S0Fabric with silicone impregnation1.208.00
NA-1302MT8 S0-S2Silicone1.308.00
NA-224SILON 25 WNon-woven polyester (PET)2.5010.00
NA-225SILON 25 HCNon-woven polyester (PET)2.5010.00
NA-305SILON 40 HCNon-woven polyester (PET)4.0010.00
NA-222SILON 60 HCNon-woven polyester (PET)5.5010.00
NA-223SILON 60 NANon-woven polyester (PET)5.5010.00
CG-164P4/PPolyamide (PA)3.1020.00
CG-6P4Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 3.4020.00
CG-134P4/NFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 3.4020.00
NA-1204XM-3 E/U10 NPolyurethane (TPU)2.6020.00
NA-1073XM-3 E/U10 bluePolyurethane (TPU)2.7020.00