Conveyor belts for packaging 
Chiorino wide range of conveyor and timing belts meets any requirements for a safe and hygienic packaging of any type of product.
The Chiorino offer includes conveyor belts for check-weighers, vertical form-fill sealers, accumulation and inclined belts, packaging machines with thermo-retractable films, labelling machines, capping machines.
  • low friction coefficient belts for conveyors with accumulators
  • high friction coefficient belts for inclined conveyors
  • total hygiene and suitability to conveyance of foodstuffs (FDA, USDA and HACCP conformity)
  • high resistance to oils and fats
  • high mechanical and abrasion resistance
Elastic belts
Highly resilient HP® food belts without textile carcass can be easily installed on spreaders or electronic scales, offering the following advantages:
  • Total feeding precision
  • Quick and easy installation and replacement without using tighteners
  • Total HACCP compliance thanks to the excellent resistance to cleaning
  • Available in blue and in a wide range of surface finishes.
Belts for vertical form-fill sealers
Chiorino produces endless belts - plain or timing - for vertical form fill machines, available in various covers according to the packaging used:
  • HS W white: for PVC packaging, polyethylene and abrasive films (paper, fabric, etc.)
  • R purple: for PVC packaging, polyethylene and abrasive films (paper, fabric, etc.)
  • B beige: for highly abrasive packaging.
Also available with special finishing such as milling, flaring, perforation, grooving.
Conveyor belts

Code Type Material Thickness [mm] Traction 1% [N/mm] Pdf
NA-785EL2-U10 HP bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.002.00
NA-790EL2-U10 HP WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.002.00
NA-1089EL3-U15 HP PN bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.503.00
NA-899EL4-U20 HP bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system2.004.00
NA-9471M5 U0-U2 HP VL blue APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-9461M5 U0-U2 HP W S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-11911M5 U3-U3 HP FL/FM WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.405.00
NA-8681M12 U0-U3 HP PN N SPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.508.00
NA-10872M5 U0-U15 HP ST W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system3.505.00
NA-7162M5 U0-U0 HP AFabric polyurethane (TPU) impregn. - HP® system1.006.00
NA-7892M5 U0-U2 HP W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-8422M5 U0-U2 HP PN W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.606.00
NA-9132M5 U0-U2 HP W S APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-5672M5 U0-U2 HP WPolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-1366F_D6HP Compact Minidrive 15/20 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.505.00
NA-1366AHP Compact 15 bluePolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.505.00
NA-1461F_D6Compact Minidrive 15/20 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)1.505.00
NA-1482F_D6Compact Minidrive 15/20 A blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)1.5010.00
NA-1481F_D6HP Compact Minidrive 15/20 A blue Polyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.5010.00
NA-9491M5 U0-U2 HP D W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.705.00
NA-12351M5 U0-U2 HP D LF W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system0.905.00
NA-11602M5 U0-U2 HP D W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-12342M5 U0-U2 HP D LF W APolyurethane (TPU) - HP® system1.306.00
NA-96EL2-U10 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.002.00
NA-97EL3-U15 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.503.00
NA-1379EL4-U20 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)2.004.00
NA-1323EL6-U30 blue DETPolyurethane (TPU)3.006.00
NA-7381M5 U0-U2 W A LF VLPolyurethane (TPU)0.705.00
NA-9451M5 U0-U2 W APolyurethane (TPU)0.705.00
NA-9591M5 U0-U2 APolyurethane (TPU)0.705.00
NA-991M6 U0-U5 FLPolyurethane (TPU)1.006.00
NA-5492M5 U0-U1 W S APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-10692M5 U0-U1 blue S APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-6962M5 U0-U2 LF W A Polyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-5812M5 U0-U2 APolyurethane (TPU)1.206.00
NA-1702M5 U0-U2 W APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-12312M5 U0-U2 LB APolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-12642M5 U0-U2 W A SPPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-14642M5 U0-U2 N A XW-PPolyurethane (TPU)1.306.00
NA-1602T8 U0-0Polyester (PET) fabric1.308.00
NA-3522M8 U0-U0Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA-3632M8 U0-U0 GRFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA-13442M8 U0-U0 SPFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA-13472M8 U0-U0 GR SPFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.308.00
NA-3362M8 U0-U2Polyurethane (TPU)1.408.00
NA-12892M12 U0-U2 SPPolyurethane (TPU)1.508.00
NA-8012M12 U0-U3 R W APolyurethane (TPU)1.7012.00
NA-4362M12 U0-V-U5Polyurethane (TPU)2.0012.00
NA-12532M12 U0-U5 TRPolyurethane (TPU)2.0012.00
NA-13462M12 U0-V-U5 SPPolyurethane (TPU)2.1012.00
NA-10102M12 U0-U15 LT W APolyurethane (TPU)6.0012.00
NA-5383M8 U0-U3Polyurethane (TPU)2.2010.00
NA-1176PT1.4 EL G3-G3 SKSynthetic elastomer1.402.50
NA-1177PT1.4 EL G3-G3 FLSynthetic elastomer1.402.50
NA-1120PT1.5 0-G3 FLSynthetic elastomer1.506.00
NA-251M6 U0-V5PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)1.006.00
NA-441M6 U0-V5 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.006.00
NA-261M6 V5-V5PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)1.806.00
NA-492MT5 U0-V3 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.806.00
NA-12832MT5 U0-V5 RT NPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)1.906.00
NA-912M8 U0-V-U0Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.508.00
NA-302M8 U0-V5 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.008.00
NA-312M8 U0-V5 FMPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.108.00
NA-1892M8 U0-V5 FM NPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.108.00
NA-9422M8 U0-V5 PS GRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)2.308.00
NA-2202M8 U0-V5 RT GRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)2.208.00
NA-322M8 U0-V17 GPPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.208.00
NA-5822M10 U0-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.8010.00
NA-3942M12 U0-V-U0 GRFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.7012.00
NA-2182M12 U0-V3PVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.9012.00
NA-462M12 U0-V3 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)1.9012.00
NA-4012M12 U0-V7 LGPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.4012.00
NA-332M12 U0-V8 RTPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)2.3012.00
NA-342M12 U0-V10 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.5012.00
NA-482M12 U0-V10 NPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.9012.00
NA-402T12 U0-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.5012.00
NA-362M12 V5-V10PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)3.0012.00
NA-2582M12 U0-V10 RTPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)2.6012.00
NA-142M12 U0-V15 CL WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA-2422M12 U0-V15 GPL NPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)3.8012.00
NA-122M12 U0-V15 ST WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)3.6012.00
NA-352M12 U0-V20 GPPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA-192T12 U0-V20 GP WPVC 45 Sh.A (±5)5.5012.00
NA-763M18 U0-V15 APVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA-1483M18 U0-V15 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA-423T18 U0-V15PVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA-223T18 U0-V15 WPVC 65 Sh.A (±5)4.2018.00
NA-8671M12 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)1.808.00
NA-9342M5 U0-V5 PN FRPVC 40 Sh.A (±5)1.906.00
NA-12102T12 U0-V10 FM FRPVC 70 Sh.A (±5)2.3012.00
NA-11332M8 U0-U-G5 HS FLSynthetic elastomer2.008.00
NA-9982M8 U0-U-G10TP LGThermoplastic elastomer2.808.00
NA-1182M8 U0-U-G10 FHNatural elastomer2.308.00
NA-11342M8 U0-U-G15 HS FLSynthetic elastomer3.008.00
NA-11352T12 U0-U-G10 HS FHSynthetic elastomer2.2012.00
NA-11362T12 U0-G25 HS GPSynthetic elastomer5.5012.00
NA-1212M12 U0-G25 GPNatural elastomer5.5012.00
NA-1632T12 U0-U-G15 MFNatural elastomer2.8012.00
CG-172PR0-LFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 0.902.00
CG-218P1-LFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.252.00
NA-133NFabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 0.602.00
NA-1139NT2 HSSynthetic elastomer2.003.50
NA-135N8Fabric with polyurethane (TPU) impregnation 1.003.00
NA-1138NT1 HSSynthetic elastomer1.203.00
NA-1140NT3 HSSynthetic elastomer3.006.00
NA-1261M6 U0-S0Fabric with silicone impregnation0.606.00
NA-1272M8 U0-U-S0Fabric with silicone impregnation1.308.00
NA-1292MT8 S0-S0Fabric with silicone impregnation1.208.00
NA-1302MT8 S0-S2Silicone1.308.00
NA-224SILON 25 WNon-woven polyester (PET)2.5010.00
NA-225SILON 25 HCNon-woven polyester (PET)2.5010.00
NA-305SILON 40 HCNon-woven polyester (PET)4.0010.00
NA-222SILON 60 HCNon-woven polyester (PET)5.5010.00
NA-223SILON 60 NANon-woven polyester (PET)5.5010.00