Profiles, guides, sidewalls

Chiorino manufactures profiles, guides and sidewalls from special polyurethane and PVC compounds in various Sh.A hardnesses giving high flexibility and resistance to abrasion and oils.

They have been designed to be perfectly compatible with the conveyor belt covers and are fitted by means of different vulcanising systems which guarantee a perfect and long lasting bond using equipment normally available in all the fabrication workshops of Chiorino.
  • Standard colours: see general catalogue. Special colours can be supplied on request.
  • Minimum pulley diameters: the values of the minimum pulley diameters are meant as a guide only and they are based on a 2 mm thick belt, working at room temperature. The minimum pulley values which refer to K, KN and S profiles are valid only when fitted on the driving surface of the belt.
  • In case of back-flexing (for K and S guides) diameters have to be increased by 50%.
  • It is not advisable to fit KN guides longitudinally on the conveying surface. For the fitting of K, KN e S profiles please contact the Chiorino Technical Support.