Seamless rubber belts

Chiorino manufactures a wide range of MF elastomer truly endless belts suitable for applications in many industrial sectors (carton folding industry, packaging, post office automation etc.).

  • no joint: manufactured with endless technology which guarantees endless uniformity of the surface and the coefficient of friction
  • absolute thickness regularity
  • perfect dimensional stability due to the polyester fabric core.

Type Conveying surface Colour Thickness min
Thickness max
MF D-SIL blue Food GradesiliconeBlue5.01035
MF HS W-300natural elastomerwhite6.0840
MF HS W-300natural elastomerwhite8.11040
MF HS W-300natural elastomerwhite10.01240
MF L-300natural elastomerraspberry6.0835
MF L-300natural elastomerraspberry8.11035
MF L-300natural elastomerraspberry10.11235
MF R-300natural elastomerpurple6.0845
MF R-300natural elastomerpurple8.11045
MF R-300natural elastomerpurple10.11245
MF HS W-351 Gnatural elastomerwhite6.0840
MF HS W-351 Gnatural elastomerwhite8.11040
MF HS W-351 Gnatural elastomerwhite10.11240
MF L-351 Gnatural elastomerraspberry6.0835
MF L-351 Gnatural elastomerraspberry8.11035
MF L-351 Gnatural elastomerraspberry10.11235
MF R-351 Gnatural elastomerpurple6.0845
MF R-351 Gnatural elastomerpurple8.11045
MF R-351 Gnatural elastomerpurple10.11245
MF R-052natural elastomerpurple5.01545
MF R-053natural elastomerpurple6.01045
MF R-053natural elastomerpurple10.11545
MF B-300natural elastomerbeige6.0850
MF B-300natural elastomerbeige8.11050
MF B-300natural elastomerbeige10.11250