Fast Joint Thermoplastic machine tapes

PT® Fast Joint machine tapes in thermoplastic materials offer excellent performances, total reliability and extremely quick replacement in Paper and Printing industry.
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • High temperature resistance
  • Reliable FASTJOINT
  • Optimized cost of ownership
Transport- und Prozessbänder
Kode Typ Werkstoff Gesamtdicke
Zugkraft bei 1%
NA-1176PT1.4 EL G3-G3 SKSynthetikkautschuk1.402.50
NA-1177PT1.4 EL G3-G3 FLSynthetikkautschuk1.402.50
NA-1111PT1.0 U1-U3Polyurethan (TPU)1.005.00
NA-1034PT1.0 0-U4Polyurethan (TPU)1.005.00
NA-1029PT1.2 U2-U5Polyurethan (TPU)1.205.00
NA-1178PT1.4 G3-G3Synthetikkautschuk1.406.00
CG-187PT0.9 0-0Gewebe mit Polyurethan-Imprägnierung (TPU)0.905.00
CG-197PT0.9 0-0 NGewebe mit Polyurethan-Imprägnierung (TPU)0.905.00
NA-1110PT1.2 0-U2Polyurethan (TPU)1.206.00
NA-1120PT1.5 0-G3 FLSynthetikkautschuk1.506.00
NA-1024PT1.8 G1-0Polyamid-Gewebe (PA)1.809.00
NA-1151PT1.8 0-0Polyamid-Gewebe (PA)1.809.00