Full range of food grade metal detectable Belts.

Chiorino DET™ is a full range of food grade metal detectable belts. The exclusive DET™ TPU belt is recognized in very small particles  by the metal detectors used in food processing and packaging.
Chiorino DET™ line guarantees a safest food production and prevents products recalls.

  • Guaranteed food safety
  • No food contamination
  • Waste reduction
  • Prevents product recalls
  • Long service life
Transport- und Prozessbänder
Kode Typ Werkstoff Gesamtdicke
Zugkraft bei 1%
NA-1461F_D6Compact Minidrive 15/20 blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)1.505.00
NA-1379EL4-U20 blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)2.004.00
NA-1323EL6-U30 blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)3.006.00
NA-1460C_D13Compact Drive 25/40 blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)2.508.00
NA-1482F_D6Compact Minidrive 15/20 A blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)1.5010.00
NA-13732M5 U0-U2 blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)1.305.00
NA-14272M5 U0-U2 PN blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)1.605.00
NA-14742MT5 U0-U2 blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)1.405.00
NA-13742T12 U0-U2 blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)1.6012.00
NA-14063M8 U0-U5 blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)2.308.00
Rund- und Keilriemen
Typ Werkstoff Durchmesser [mm] Zugkraft bei 1%
RU-4 blue DETthermoplastisches Polyurethan (TPU)430
RU-6 blue DETthermoplastisches Polyurethan (TPU)670
RU-8 blue DETthermoplastisches Polyurethan (TPU)8130