Kompakte und formschlüssige Transport- und Prozessbänder

Total food safety and water saving
  HP COMPACT® is a new belt concept in the field of homogeneous conveyor and process belts - smooth or positive drive - assuring total hygiene and designed to resist the most severe cleaning procedures.
  • 100% Food safety
  • Superior resistance to washing and sanitizing
  • Excellent resistance to fats and oils
  • No deformations
  • Self-tracking
  • Ideal for Z-Conveyors
  • Up to 2000 mm width
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Kode Typ Werkstoff Gesamtdicke
Zugkraft bei 1%
NA-1366F_D6HP Compact Minidrive 15/20 bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System1.505.00
NA-1366AHP Compact 15 bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System1.505.00
NA-1461F_D6Compact Minidrive 15/20 blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)1.505.00
NA-1359C_D13HP Compact Drive 20/40 bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System2.008.00
NA-1359AHP Compact 20 bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System2.008.00
NA-1207AHP Compact 25 bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System2.508.00
NA-1328AHP Compact 25 RG bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System2.508.00
NA-1294AHP Compact 25 PN bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System2.508.00
NA-1328C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 RG bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System2.508.00
NA-1207C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System2.508.00
NA-1294C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 PN bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System2.508.00
NA-1257C_D13HP Compact Drive 25/40 VL bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System2.508.00
NA-1328A_RGHP Compact RG 25 bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System2.508.00
NA-1257AHP Compact 25 VL bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System2.508.00
NA-1460C_D13Compact Drive 25/40 blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)2.508.00
NA-1482F_D6Compact Minidrive 15/20 A blue DETPolyurethan (TPU)1.5010.00
NA-1481F_D6HP Compact Minidrive 15/20 A blue Polyurethan (TPU) - HP® System1.5010.00
NA-1307AHP Compact 40 bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System4.0015.00
NA-1307C_D13HP Compact Drive 40/40 bluePolyurethan (TPU) - HP® System4.0015.00