Chiorino was founded in 1906 in Biella by Lorenzo Chiorino and is today a leading international company in the manufacturing and distribution of conveyor and process belts, flat transmission belts and other technical solutions for many different industries.
Research, development and technology are the sucessful pillars of a Group that has been globally recognized for its ability to anticipate the market trends through highly engineered tailored solutions that guarantee outstanding quality performaces with respect for the environment, the natural resources and the most rigorous international standards.
Thanks to an extensive distribution and service network, Chiorino is able to meet the specific needs of OEMs and end-users operating all around the world in the food, packaging, intralogistics, airport, paper & printing, textile, raw materials and many other industries.

Our Mission

We strive to be the reference company in the lightweight belting for reliable, engineered and tailor-made products and services that enable our customers to find the best solutions for their motion and automated conveyance needs.

Our Vision

We believe in the positive evolution of the production and process environments towards a more automated digitalized ethical and sustainable world.

Our Values


Research and innovation have always been the crucial assets of the Group over the years, enabling Chiorino to keep innovating according to the increasingly demanding targets and to successfully respond to the ongoing changes by anticipating the technological advancements.


Chiorino’s entrepreneurial choices have always been driven by the commitment to total quality. Its proven and specialized belting know-how and experience allow the Group to always develop high performance, efficient, safe and sustainable solutions.

Total Safety

Chiorino’s solutions are focused on total product and process’ safety and risk minimization, notably in the food industry, fully complying to the strictest requirements of European and international regulations in order to safeguard OEMs and end-users operations as well as and consumer’s health.


Chiorino has always recognised the importance of a sustainable approach in every single step of the production process in compliance with rigorous international standards, such as the UNI EN ISO 14001 and the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certifications. This environmental awareness continues to lead to the development of fully sustainable solutions that aim to optimize customers’ total cost of ownership by reducing product waste, saving water and energy and simplify disposal operations.

24/7 Customized Technical Support

Thanks to a widespread customer-oriented distribution network, Chiorino provides a customized technical service all around the world, in order to generate added value for OEMs and end-users and promptly respond to their requirements.


Chiorino’s mission and code of ethics are guided by human value principles. Human resources have always taken a strategic role in the company growth and the Group is strongly committed to reducing employees’ health and safety risks in the workplace and to developing specific education, training, welfare and remuneration programs.

Worldwide presence

Chiorino has a presence in 5 continents and more than 100 countries, where a network of 24 affiliate companies and 100 distributors supply high-added value solutions and provide qualified technical support.

Our History


Conceria Lorenzo Chiorino is founded in Biella.

The founder begins the industrial production of technical products and transmission belts primarily to meet the needs of the Biella textile industry.


As synthetic materials begin to gain a foothold, the company makes radical changes in its products, processing and clientele.


Plastic materials and synthetic rubber gradually begin to replace leather.

The company starts the production of synthetic conveyor and transmission belts.


The first foreign company was created, known today as Chiorino U.K.


Foundation of Chiorino USA.


Foundation of Chiorino France.


Foundation of Chiorino Far East, Chiorino Iberica, Chiorino Veneto.


Foundation of Chiorino Parma.


Foundation of Chiorino Benelux.


Foundation of Chiorino Deutschland.


Chiorino obtaines UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.


Foundation of Chiorino Poland.


Headquarters expansion with the opening of the new Biella South plant.

Chiorino obtains the UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Foundation of Chiorino Byelorussia.


Foundation of Chiorino Hungary, Chiorino Australia.


Celebration of Chiorino’s 100th anniversary.

Chiorino obtains the EMAS environmental certification.


Foundation of Chiorino Romania.


Foundation of Chiorino South Africa.


Foundation of Chiorino do Brasil, Chiorino Portugal, Chiorino obtains A&O customs certification (Authorized Economic Operator).


Foundation of Chiorino Shanghai, Chiorino India, Chiorino Asia.


Chiorino obtains Health and Safety OHSAS 18001:2007 certification.


Foundation of Chiorino Switzerland.


New shareholder structure: 80% Chiorino Family, 20% T.I.P.O. (Tamburi Group).

Foundation of Chiorino Ukraine.


Foundation of Chiorino Slovakia.


Acquisition of REKO S.r.o.

Acquisition of KRUSE s.r.l.


Acquisition of Safari Belting Systems, Inc.