Chiorino 1906 - Conveyor belts
About us

About us

Specialization, flexibility, and continuous technological innovation are today’s market demands.
Chiorino is the answer.
Consistently meeting customer needs also means being able to offer state-of-the-art products. This is why Chiorino has become known as a reference supplier – it is a company capable of fulfilling any demand for conveyor and process belts, flat transmission belts and rubber aprons, all components of a system which must be able to reliably support any kind of product handling.
Chiorino’s customized products start with the strict selection of raw materials and are then developed to fit any kind of application - from Food to Packaging, from Paper & Printing to Logistics.
Chiorino’s philosophy is to provide top quality products, as well as handling solutions tailored to specific customer needs. 


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