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CHIORINO manufactures rolls and sheeting in a wide variety of polymers depending on the type of application:

  • elastomer where high flexibility is required
  • silicone: for high temperature and non-stick

CHIORINO sheeting are manufactured in rolls of max. width 1600 or 2000 mm and standard length of 100/200 m. They can also be supplied cut to size according to customer's requirement.They are available in hardnesses from 35 to 50 Sh.A and in diff erent colours. They are manufactured in standard thicknesses from 1 to 10 mm; other thicknesses are available on request.


  • FURNITURES MANUFACTURING: on veneering presses, for the application of PVC or wood films on shaped panels. Pads perfectly follow the panels' shapes under pressure, transferring the desired temperature during the working cycle.
    The silicone pad LI SI W can operate at temperatures up to 200° C.
  • CARTON BOX FOLDING INDUSTRY: the sheeting produced by CHIORINO are vulcanised on carcasses to manufacture truly endless feeding belts for box folding machines. The same rubber can be supplied in rolls and used for covering timing or flat belts for the same purpose. They can be supplied with a Sh.A hardness of 35 or 45 degrees to be suitable for any kind of carton, giving high surface friction and excellent wearing properties.
  • PACKAGING: as covering for flat or timing belts for draw-down machines.


Other special applications.
CHIORINO sheeting without fabric support are used in a wide range of other industrial sectors: mining and ceramics for material sieving, linings for piping for pumping water and silt from rivers, protective linings for animal cages, window wipers, bullet fragmentation and rebound control in shooting galleries, etc.
The availability of diff erent Shore hardness allows this material to cover a wide range of industry.



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