Applications - Textiles - Trasmission belts and spindle tapes


  • Black-yellow series (T-T): polyamide trasmission belts with synthetic elastomer covers which are ground to ensure low noise performance; high resistance to wear and constant friction. In particular, this range includes T3 OE type, which has been purposely developed for the most sophisticated open-end spinning machines.
  • T series: traditional range of polyamide belts with elastomer cover, purposely developed to work on spinning frames, twisters and texturizing machines. They ensure silent running, antistatic, absolute yarn uniformity, low energy absorbtion, resistance to high temperature and long life.

The CHIORINO Technical Support is available to determine the appropriate belt type to suit any configuration of tangential drive.



The CHIORINO spindle tapes ensure the following advantages: low energy absorption, silent running, dimensional stability running on small diameter spindles at high speed, uniformity of yarn count, no dust accumulation on edges, long life. They have good antistatic properties, low stretch and flexibility.

  • ST 06 type: made of thermoplastic material, with high-modulus polyester carcass. Can be made endless thanks to the exclusive Fast Joint technique.
  • CNG and CNPG types: capable of ensuring, thanks to their modern structure, higher efficiency compared to traditional cotton tapes.



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