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Together with the leading manufacturers of warehouse handling installations, CHIORINO has developed a range of conveyor and transmission belts, which are able to satisfy the growing demand
for reliability of high speed sorting in warehouse and distribution centres.

  • Horizontal and inclined conveying
  • Cross belt sorters
  • 30-45° Mergers
  • Telescopic belts
  • Separators

The wide range of CHIORINO conveyor belt coatings (polyurethane, PVC, elastomer etc.) allows to select the best belt suitable for specific handling requirements.
CHIORINO offers to the OEM full technical assistance from the project design.
The CHIORINO R&D Laboratories develop innovative solutions to satisfy the higher market demands concerning reliability, quiet running and energy saving of the conveyor and process belts.

Features of the CHIORINO conveyor and process belts:
- Low energy absorption
- High capacity of conveying
- Very high resistance to abrasion and impacts
- Wide range of surface patterns
- Safety and reliability
- Quiet running
- Long life


CHIORINO manufacture a complete range of products in thermoplastic materials suitable for live roller drives. CHIORINO thermoplastic belts can be fitted on site using the FAST JOINT system and equipment, which require only few minutes and no adhesives.


For POSTAL AUTOMATION CHIORINO has developed Fast joint thermoplastic polyurethane process belts and endless rubber mandril belts that offer a high friction coefficient and precision feeding in most applications:

  • CFC (Culler Facer Canceller)
  • OCR (Optical Code Reader)
  • VCR (Video Code Reader)

CHIORINO is able to supply Service and Assistance 24 hours a day throughout the world thanks to its widespread Sales Network that operates in all five continents.

For further information please dowload the catalogue:

Conveyor and process belts
for airports, materials handling
and post office automation
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